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Puzzle Command

Challenge your brain daily with specially designed games and exercises. Featuring 12 fun games that will improve your overall cognitive abilities. Achieve fitness and strength by exercising at your gym. At Puzzle Command you can achieve brain fitness by exercising your brain.


Puzzle Command is developed and maintained by Hutz Media Ltd <hutzmedia.com>. Our goal is to provide a free and engaging experience for all users to keep their brains healthy. We strive to provide daily incentives to improve your cognitive abilities.

Completely Free

Unlike other brain training websites and mobile applications, Puzzle Command, offers you everything for free with no focus on microtransactions or subscriptions. You get everything just for signing up. No strings attached. Really!

Improve Your Cognitive Ability

Puzzle Command offers multiple ways to improve your overall cognitive abilities. You can participate in:

  • Daily Puzzle - A themed puzzle created every day.
  • Daily Training - A daily workout featuring multiple games designed to improve all areas of your mind.
  • IQ Tests - A monthly IQ test that allows you to compare your ability with other members of Puzzle Command or your friends.
  • Play Games - Enjoy playing your favorite game. Challenge your friend to beat your best score or see how your rank in the online leaderboards.

Social Connection

You can connect your experience with Social Media. Challenge your friends, share your scores. To get friends on to your Puzzle Command Friend's List they need to be a follower of your Twitter account or your friend on Facebook.