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Key Combination
December 3, 2014
Key Combination
Key Combination

Larry's boss at the Golf and Country Club, a hot tempered man from Texas, has forgotten the combination to his lock in the office. He is furious. He told Larry that if he didn't figure out the combination that Larry would be fired. 

Larry takes a look around the office and finds the following clues. 

  • My age.
  • My height.
  • My weight.

Larry knows that he is 10 years younger than his boss.

Larry knows that he is 20cm taller than his boss.

Larry knows that he is 30kg lighter than his boss.

Assuming that Larry is 50 years old, is 190cm, and weights 80kg, what is the combination?

Puzzle Notes
Larry is 50 years old.
Larry is 190cm tall.
Larry weights 80kg.
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