Puzzle Command
Daily Puzzles
Larry's Condition
Larry has a condition where he always forgets his anniversary. Help him remember.
Mother's Age
David and Larry are discussing Latisha's age. Help David solve the math problem.
Revenge of the Confusing Letter
It was a normal day. Latisha was going to her mailbox to bring back home her mail. She didn't know what horrors faced her at the counter.
Liar Liar
Latisha has baked a beautiful cake. When she comes home from her book study she finds it has been eaten.
Devious Pattern
Larry has created a devious puzzle for his son, Dave. Help Dave solve the puzzle to put his father in his place.
Pizza Price
It's Larry's turn to cook dinner and he has decided to order pizza. Calculate how much Larry should pay for his ridiculous order.
Coin Counting
Larry has purchased some candy at the corner store and wants to pay with exact change. Help him complete basic math.
Secret Code
Latisha has stumbled upon a secret note from Larry that she wasn't meant to find. Help her decode the message to find out what secret it holds.
Child Math
Dave proposes an equation to his father Larry. Can Larry figure out his son's age using simple math?
Breaking the Bank
Larry's children have done the impossible. They have defeated the house in their little dice game. What are the odds?
Lucky Dice
Larry is playing a dice game with his children. How much should Larry award his children in the dice game to keep profitable?
Carpeting Larry's Basement
Latisha is making Larry install carpet in their unfinished basement. Help Larry complete this task with the least amount of effort required.
Limited Table Space
Larry is having his sister and family over for supper. Their table is too small. Help Larry and Latisha purchase a larger table.
Winter Snow Removal
Larry must shovel his entire driveway after a freak winter storm. His wife Latisha wants to get the kids to school. Help Larry calculate how much marital credit this task will earn him.
New Year's Eve
Larry wants to stay up until midnight to celebrate the New Year. Help him pour exactly 200ml of coffee into his cup.
Boxing Day Madness
Larry's four children are celebrating Boxing Day with a Secret Santa. Which present did Liz receive?
Balrog, Wolf, and Chicken Raft
Larry must get his balrog, wolf, and two chickens across the river. How many trips across the river can he complete this task in?
Dividing Cookies
Larry's children don't like sharing or complete chores. Help them split the cookies into a fair ratio.
Key Combination
Help Larry figure out the combination of a safe.
Golf Ball Dilemma
A golf ball is stuck in a hole. Help Larry get the golf ball out without using tools.
Split Vote
Four villagers, Bob, Larry, Samantha, and Edgar, are running for mayor. Who won the election?
Marathon Velocity
Larry ran in a marathon but the officials forgot to record his time. Help Larry calculate his average velocity.
Apple Procrastination
Larry doesn't want to pick the apple tree but his wife, Latisha, keeps nagging him. Help Larry find a moral victory.