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Winter Snow Removal
January 8, 2015
Winter Snow Removal
Winter Snow Removal

A winter storm has attacked the small village where Larry lives. His driveway is filled with snow and his wife Latisha can't get the kids to school. Latisha tells Larry "You need to plow this snow right now so I can get the kids off to school". Larry, being the good husband that he is, gets started right away.

Larry estimates that it has snowed 50 centimeters on all sections of his driveway. His driveway is fairly large. It is split into 2 sections. The first section is a square that is 8 meters long. The second section is a rectangle that is 4 meters wide and 20 meters long.

Larry is getting very exhausted and wants to calculate the total amount of work that he is doing so he can use to manipulate his wife at a later date.

Using the measurements mentioned previously and assuming that the current snow has a density of 70 kilograms per cubed meter, what is the total mass of the snow removed by Larry? Answer to the nearest kilogram.

Puzzle Notes
The snow is 50 centimeters tall over a large driveway.
The snow has a density of 70 kg/m^3.
The driveway has two sections. 8m x 8m and 4m x 20m.
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