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Explosive Train Jet
January 7, 2015
Explosive Train Jet
Explosive Train Jet

Mission Briefing:

A train has left Toronto at 4:00AM this morning and is heading to Vancouver. The distance between Toronto and Vancouver is 4,382 kilometers. The train is traveling at an average velocity of 100 kilometers per hour. 

We have just learned that there is a dangerous bomb located in one of the train cars. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to disarm the bomb and return it to headquarters.

The current time is 6:02AM. Assuming that you own and can fly a fighter jet that has a maximum airspeed velocity of 2,000 kilometers per hour and that you are following the train tracks, how long (in seconds) will it take to catch up to the train? Answer to the nearest second.

Puzzle Notes
In December 1903 an airplane reached a record speed of 10.98 km/h.
In 1905 the record was increased to 60.23 km/h.
By 1947 an aircraft reached speeds of 1,003.60 km/h.
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