Puzzle Command
Daily Puzzles
Game Memory
Old video games had a very limited amount of storage space and memory. Calculate how many game cartridges you would need to store a digital video.
Pipe Dream
Mario and his brother Luigi have met a ditzy princess. She needs to bake a cake. You wouldn't believe the pink cake she baked.
Interesting Equation
It looks like someone has been writing nonsense. Solve for how this equation can make sense.
Alternate Reality Math
In an alternate reality the numbers have been changed. Can you add simple numbers in an alternate reality?
Paper Cutter
Larry has cut a piece of paper many times. How many pieces will he have in the end?
Mother's Age
David and Larry are discussing Latisha's age. Help David solve the math problem.
Clogged Drain
A bathtub drain is partially clogged. How long before the bathtub overflows and causes water damage?
Confusing Equation
Latisha has received another strange message from her Great Aunt Zelda. Can you help Latisha solve the strange equation found in the letter?
Candy Consumption
Kids enjoy candy. You wouldn't believe how much candy they can eat.
Pizza Price
It's Larry's turn to cook dinner and he has decided to order pizza. Calculate how much Larry should pay for his ridiculous order.
Coin Counting
Larry has purchased some candy at the corner store and wants to pay with exact change. Help him complete basic math.
Misplaced Jackets
Three similar looking jackets are in a closet. You wouldn't believe what happened to them next.
Cheese Dilemma
Latisha needs to buy cheese for her growing family. You wouldn't believe how much this woman paid for cheese. Click here to help her find out.
Child Math
Dave proposes an equation to his father Larry. Can Larry figure out his son's age using simple math?
Race Car Laps
Eight race cars are racing. Can you figure how time will elapse before all the cars be at the starting line again?
A bacterium is in a jar and is multiplying. How many bacteria will there be in the end?
Explosive Train Jet
A train is packed with villainous and dangerous explosives. Headquarters has tasked you with diffusing the bomb. Are you up to the task?
Colony Ship Delay
A space colony ship is forced to jettison its warp drive and resume its course using regular sub-light engines. How long will it take the colony ship to reach its destination?
Lily Pad Growth
The Lily Pads are multiplying daily. How many Lily Pads are growing in the lake?
Diagonal Line
Calculate the length of the diagonal line AD.
Skyscraper Pudding
A skyscraper must be filled with pudding. How much milk do we need to fill the skyscraper with pudding?
Split Vote
Four villagers, Bob, Larry, Samantha, and Edgar, are running for mayor. Who won the election?
Marathon Velocity
Larry ran in a marathon but the officials forgot to record his time. Help Larry calculate his average velocity.
Apple Procrastination
Larry doesn't want to pick the apple tree but his wife, Latisha, keeps nagging him. Help Larry find a moral victory.
Math Monday - Pool Garden
Larry wants to build an Olympic sized pool but his wife, Latisha, wants a garden. Help them come to a compromise.