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Cheese Dilemma
February 12, 2015
Cheese Dilemma
Cheese Dilemma

Latisha is buying groceries at a super market and has come to a great dilemma. She needs to buy 2kg cheese for her large family but the market has many different kinds of cheese from different brands and different package sizes. After careful deliberating she has narrowed the choice down to 3 options. 

Option 1 is 400g of aged white cheddar for $4.40.
Option 2 is 2250g of marble cheddar for $22.50. 
Option 3 is 850g of pizza mozzarella for $10.20. 

Assuming that she doesn't care about the brand or type of cheese but just wants the cheapest option, which option should she purchase?

Puzzle Notes
Marble cheddar is cheddar with streaks of yellow food coloring.
Pizza mozzarella is perfect for shredding on to pizzas. Who knew?
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Option 1
Option 2
Option 3