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Secret Code
February 11, 2015
Secret Code
Secret Code

When Malcolm and Larry were kids, Malcolm and Larry had a secret code for writing messages to each other. It was a rather simple cipher but, after all, they were only children. The first letter in the sentence is the basis for the code. If the first letter is A then every other letter except for A is shifted by 1. If the first letter is B then every other letter except for B is shifted by 2.

For example the sentence APPLE MAZE would become AQQMF NBAF.

Latasha was going through Larry's old scrapbooks when she came across a secret message. She already knew the cipher so she could decode the message. The message read: "I TRBBNM J PRAU JWM R URTNM RC". 

In one word, what does Larry like?

Puzzle Notes
The earliest known use of cryptography is found carved into monuments from Egypt circa 1900 BC.
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