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Pipe Dream
April 8, 2015
Pipe Dream
Pipe Dream

Mario is a plumber; a fat Italian plumber -- that speaks Japanese. He has a skinny brother named Luigi who is also a plumber.

They fix a lot of pipes. One day Mario discovered that he could fit inside a pipe to teleport to another world. When Mario told his brother, Luigi, he was scared. He begged Mario not to enter into the pipes but Mario didn't listen.

When Mario went into pipe Luigi had no choice but to follow.

In the new world they met a ditzy princess named Princess Peach. She wanted to win the brother's affection by baking Mario a cake but she didn't have enough pink food coloring.

She only had 20 milliliters of pink food coloring but the recipe called for 110 milliliters. In this world you made pink food coloring by mixing red tulips with white daisies and water.

The ratio is 1 daisy, 2 tulips, and 10 milliliters of water for 15 milliliters of food coloring.

How many tulips did Princess Peach need to complete her cake?

Puzzle Notes
1 daisy, 2 tulips, 10ml of water = 15ml
Mario and Luigi are brothers
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