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Apple Procrastination
November 25, 2014
Apple Procrastination
Apple Procrastination

Larry needs to pick apples from his backyard tree. His wife, Latisha has been nagging him to pick the apples for a few days.

Larry is determined to pick the apples in as many trips as possible so that it takes longer. Latisha is wise to Larry's plan and has created a rule that each of Larry's loads must contain at least one more apple than the previous.

Assuming that the tree has 1,575 apples, and that Larry's first trip has 0 apples, how many trips does Larry take to complete his task?

Puzzle Notes
Larry needs to pick 1,575 apples.
Larry must increase his load by at least 1 apple per trip.
Larry's first trip can contain 0 apples. What a waste of time.
7,500 varieties of apples are grown throughout the world.
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