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Math Monday - Pool Garden
November 24, 2014
Math Monday - Pool Garden
Math Monday - Pool Garden

Larry wants to construct an Olympic sized pool in his backyard. His wife, Latisha, wants to put a large garden in their backyard.

Larry is determined to have the Olympic sized pool but decides to compromise by allowing his wife to build an island in the middle of the pool to garden on.

An Olympic sized pool is 50 meters long by 25 meters wide with a uniform depth of 2 meters. Latisha's garden is a circle of land floating in the pool with a depth of 1 meter and a diameter of 10 meters.

Assuming that the floating garden is flush with the level of the water, how many liters of water does Larry need for his swimming pool?

Puzzle Notes
An Olympic sized pool is 50m by 25m by 2m.
Latisha's garden has a diameter of 10m and a depth of 1m.
In 2008, C├ęsar Cielo Filho swam 50m in 21.30 seconds.
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