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Coin Counting
February 19, 2015
Coin Counting
Coin Counting

Larry decided that he wants to go buy some candy so he gets off of the couch and starts running. He runs until he arrives at the corner store. In the corner store he purchases 3 yellow candies, 2 red candies, and 1 orange candy. The clerk lets Larry know that the total price after taxes is $1.75. 

He looks in his pocket and finds two $1 coins, three $0.25 coins, eleven $0.10 coins, and one $0.05 coin.

Using only the coins and paying with exact change, how many different ways can Larry pay for his candy?

Puzzle Notes
Many countries have $1.00 coins.
Some countries no longer have $0.01 coins.
This is basic math. Even your 7 year old could probably solve this.
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