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Dividing Cookies
December 5, 2014
Dividing Cookies
Dividing Cookies

Larry's four children, Dave, Daniel, Derrick, and Liz don't like sharing. Their mother, Latisha, has baked them one dozen cookies. Unfortunately she has imposed a cookie tax. For each cookie that a child takes they must complete 3 chores.

The children are outraged. "Cookie tax!" they cried, "You have gone too far!". Their mother, Latisha, who is incredibly wise, was unfazed. She immediately ate four cookies.

The children knew when they were defeated so they started discussing amongst themselves how they would get the cookies.

Liz had already completed 5 chores that day so she help their mother put away the mixer, grabbed 2 cookies and left.

Dave had to go to soccer practice so he put and his shoes and left without grabbing any cookies.

Assuming that Derrick and Daniel would eat the remaining cookies and had no completed chores in reserve, how many chores did they each of them have to complete to eat the remaining cookies

Puzzle Notes
A total of twelve cookies were baked.
Each child has to complete three chores to get one cookie.
Only two children are left to eat the remaining cookies.
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