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Liar Liar
March 11, 2015
Liar Liar
Liar Liar

On one particular day Latisha decided to bake a cake. She put in a great deal of effort, creating a most beautiful masterpiece. She placed it on the counter with a strict note: "None Shall Eat This Cake". 

She went off to her planned book study. When she came home she found the cake plate, empty except for some crumbs. In her fury she put the boys to question.

Larry: "Me? Yes. I ate it. It was delicious."
Malcolm: "Larry and I didn't eat any of that cake."
Dave: "I saw father (Larry) eat that entire cake."

One of these boys is lying to Latisha. Which one is it?

Puzzle Notes
When delicious food is on plate, it is hard to read.
Cake is soft, sweet food made from a mixture of flour, eggs, and other ingredients.
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