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Carpeting Larry's Basement
January 28, 2015
Carpeting Larry's Basement
Carpeting Larry's Basement

Latisha, Larry's wife, has been pestering Larry to install carpet in their unfinished basement. Larry, being extremely cheap, has purchased many small pieces of carpet that he plans to cut and cover the floor with.

Larry's unfinished basement is 30 meters wide by 10 meters long. Larry found an assorted amount of circular floor rugs on Craigslist for $3 each. He plans to cut three of them into perfect squares and lay them across the floor.

Assuming that Larry doesn't want to do more cutting than necessary and that all three rugs have the same diameter, what is the diameter of one of the rugs so that all three will fill the floor after being cut? Round to the nearest meter.

Puzzle Notes
Basement is 30m by 10m.
Larry will need three floor rugs of equal diameter.
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