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Airport Security
December 9, 2014
Airport Security
Airport Security

Two guards, Charlie and Peter are working in Airport Security at a check point. During a routine investigation they uncovered some contraband. They found a rusty screwdriver in an old lady's carry-on. 

The old lady, whose name is Bob, insists that someone has framed her. We know that Bob always tells the truth. 

Peter has a hunch and brings in two suspicious, hyper intelligent, albino orangutans named Tica and Pica for questioning.

We know that Pica, who has a temper, never tells the truth and that Tica, who is extra hairy for his age, always agrees with the person who spoke prior.

Bob proclaims "a dirty ape framed me".
Pica signs mockingly in response "the old lady is lying".
Tica, in a hoarse voice grunts "yeah, the old lady is lying".

Bob continues "the culprit is a dumb, dirty ape".
Tica shouts "yeah, a dumb ape".

Who was responsible for the contraband in Bob's carry-on?

Puzzle Notes
Bob always tells the truth.
Pica never tells the truth.
Tica is hairy should probably not be trusted for that.
Orangutans spend most of their time in trees.
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