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12 Days of Christmas
December 18, 2014
12 Days of Christmas
12 Days of Christmas

Once upon a time there was an evil businessman who laundered money by disguising blackmarket assets as 12 inconspicuous gifts to a beloved.

The country in which this evil businessman lived in has strange tax laws. However, one thing of this country was true; the businessman was universally hated and was truly evil.

The accountants in the auditing department of the government learned of this person's evil plan and found a section of the tax code relating to gifts that would finally help them prosecute and arrest this person. The section of code explicitly states that "Gifts at Christmas time may be tax free and may be numerous. But they shall not be too numerous. Thou must not gift more than 300 gifts of any size to remain tax free".

How many gifts did the evil businessman give to his tax sheltered beloved?

Puzzle Notes
The partridge in a pear tree counts as one gift.
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