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Hobbit Carrot Contest
January 22, 2015
Hobbit Carrot Contest
Hobbit Carrot Contest

It is an average day in Hobbiton. Three Hobbits named Gordo, Prodo, and Mongo are harvesting a carrot field. Later at the local Inn called the Ivy Bush they get into a peaceful argument about who has harvested the most carrots for the day.

Prodo harvests the field at a rate of 100 square centimeters per minute.
Gordo harvests the field at a rate of 200 square centimeters per minute.
Mongo harvests the field at a rate of 400 square centimeters per minute.

Prodo, being a hard working Hobbit, started harvesting at 6:00AM and continued strong until 3:30PM. Gordo started harvesting at 10:00AM but stopped early at 2:30PM. Mongo harvested the least amount of time from 1:00PM to 2:00PM because he was very lazy.

Which Hobbit harvested the most carrots?

Puzzle Notes
The carrot is a root vegetable which is usually orange in color.
The biggest carrot record weighed more than 8.6kg (19lbs).
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