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Taxi Fare
January 1, 2015
Taxi Fare
Taxi Fare

The new year has finally come. New Year's Eve was a tiring event. Larry's brother, Malcolm, is very tired from a long night. Fortunately for him, the buses ran for free the previous night. Unfortunately for him, his car is on the other end of town. Inside his car is his medication. 

His roommate, Francis, doesn't own a vehicle. Malcolm decided that he would hire a taxi to get to his car. Being so tired, Malcolm knows that he shouldn't be operating a motor vehicle so he asked his roommate Francis to drive his car home. The latter is unrelated to this puzzle.

Malcolm wants to pay the Taxi driver with exactly change when he arrives. So he looked up the local taxi rates on his trendy touchscreen laptop:
$10.00 convenience fee
$1.84 per kilometer
$0.52 per minute

Malcolm checked an online traffic map and found that the traffic was flowing an average 30km/h all the way to his destination and that his car was 21.6 kilometers away.

How much money should Malcolm bring with him? Round up to the nearest dollar.

Puzzle Notes
His car is 21.6km away.
Traffic is flowing an average of 30km/h.
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